Clarinet is King (Arbors Records) – Dave Bennett Quartet with Paul Keller, Pete Siers, featuring Tad Weed

The Music of Ellington & StrayhornDobbins, Krahnke & Weed Trio

Marcus, Charlie & Joan…Once Again (Detroit Jazz Musicians Co-Op)  Marcus Belgrave, Charlie Gabriel, Joan Belgrave with Tad Weed

9 Pianists – Our Town, Our Time (Megawave) assorted pianists and Tad Weed

Kaleidoscope (Alembic Arts)  Don Mayberry with Tad Weed

Excitable (Detroit Jazz Musicians Co-Op) Joan Belgrave with Marcus Belgrave, Charlie Gabriel, Marion Hayden and Tad Weed

Remembering Benny  (WJS Jazz Discs) – Dave Bennett with Paul Keller, Pete Siers and Ann Seabury with Tad Weed

Auntie K n’ Em in Pigsburgh  Ada Washington

The Ruby and the Pearl (Alembic Arts) Shahida Nurullah with Don Mayberry, Kenneth Rice, Larry Nozero featuring Tad Weed

Nolo Di The Tad Weed Trio with Kurt Krahnke, George Davidson featuring Tad Weed

Heart (Bopo Records) – Paul VornHagen

Kindred Spirits (Vorn Music) – Paul VornHagen with Tad Weed

Three B in Flight (Robro Records) Ron Brooks with Pete Siers featuring arrangements by Tad Weed

A Tribute to Gene Harris (All Story Records) Tad Weed Solo Piano Release

Dante No Longer Repeats (Nine Winds Records) Vinny Golia Quintet with Rob Blakeslee

Long Narrows (Nine Winds Records) Rob Blakeslee and Vinny Golia

One By One (Reservoir Records) Dick Berk with Andy Martin and Mike Fahn with compositions and arrangements by Tad Weed

Not So Standards (Mad Moon Records) Vocalist Suzi Stern with The Tad Weed Trio

Lifeline (Nine Winds Records) Rob Blakeslee Quintet with Vinny Golia, Ken Filiano, Billy Mintz & Tad Weed

Soloing (Nine Winds Records) Tad Weed featuring Joe LaBarbera, Ken Filiano, and Billy Mintz

 Lets Cool One (Cexton Records)  Dick Berk and the New Jazz Adoption Agency featuring compositions and arrangements by Tad Weed

Stepping Out (Cexton Records) Rob Blakeslee with Mike Fahn, John Patitucci, and Peter Donald and Tad Weed

Looking In, Looking Out (USA Recordings) The Kim Richards Ensemble with Mike Fahn, John Gross, Ken Filiano, Billy Mintz and Tad Weed

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